Office Feuerman

William Feuerman  |  Dane Voorderhake

Sydney  |  NSW  |  Australia

850 individually CNC trimmed carbon fiber rods are hung above a passageway where 6000 reflective styrene triangles are placed with precision by a 6-axis robotic arm, forming an ‘Urban Chandelier.’ Suspended by a cable system, with the flexibility of being a freestanding system or attached to existing infrastructure, ‘Urban Chandelier’ reflects the natural day light and artificial night light, creating visible light patterns which give expression to natural invisible forces.

In the sunlight the chandelier projects patterns of light. In the shade, the chandelier picks up surrounding reflections, creating mirrored distortions. At night, surrounding lights and possible projections shine on the interactive surfaces, producing light formations in the passageway, while providing for unpredictable public programs (a cocktail party, a play space, a dance floor), actively engaging both the public and the environment.