George King Architects

George King  |  Catherine Booth  |  Yogini Patel

London   |   United Kingdom

Stair Place is an elevated community meeting spot, event space and unique device for exploring the surrounding passageway. It is a place for giving talks and lectures, showing lms and meeting friends.

Situated in passageway seven between Broad Street and Chestnut Street, Stair Place takes the form of a brightly coloured surreal staircase to nowhere. Its strong geometric form rises to a point, exaggerating its perspective and emphasising the height of the passageway.

Staircases are a simple, practical and often beautiful architectural component that are present in most buildings. They are often places of focus and delight that must also adhere to strict functionality and conformity. For architects they are often an enjoyable challenge, an example of their ability to combine form and function.