Revenge of the Electric Woman

Jennifer Hiser  |  Carson Smuts  |  Noa Younse

Brooklyn  |  New York  |  USA

Our memory, our heritage, is constantly maintained through the transfer of knowledge, from one person to another. The analog installation of Neural Alley complements the flows of the daily urban journeys of Chattanooga residents. On each side of the alleyway hangs a pixelated image, comprised of painted blocks that span the length of the alley. On the inaugural day of the installation, one image is a depiction of the Tennessee River before the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) developed its dam network in the 1930s. On the opposite wall, in a different hue, the pixelated image will show the changed watercourse after the TVA’s installed impoundments. The Tennessee River historically served as a conduit for trade, but also became a source of electricity for the region, disseminating new technology and forever changing the way information is exchanged in the Tennessee Valley.