Shiyun Wang  |  Juliet Whelan  |  Daniel Imberman  |  Ryan Cunningham

Philadelphia  |  Pennsylvania  |  USA

Meander is designed to activate an alley by exploring memories found in geometry and material. The design creates tension between the deteriorated facades, the three-story-high space and the simple experience of passing through. The circular frames on top reference the dome skylights, the mesh curtains reference a doorway thresholds and the curved river benches at the bottom references the Tennessee river passing through Chattanooga. Horizontally, the repetition of the Meander units breaks down the linearity of passing through and creates semi-enclosed space for social gathering. Vertically, the translucent mesh curtains bridge the circular geometry and the ground plane of benches with subtle atmosphere. The curtains come to an end at the bench level, ensuring walking safety at the foot level.

The Meander transforms an alley from linear passing through to meandering and lingering.