Where the River Runs


Daniel Caven

Chicago, Illinois

The bends and twists of the Tennessee River, surrounding the city of Chattanooga inspired the concept of the proposal-taking the idea of natural twists and formal dialogues resulted in the creation of abstracted tributaries within the alleyway. The undulating forms articulate pockets of spaces while opening corridors toward the sky experimental shadow and light play, and participate towards neighboring buildings. These spaces can be utilized for events and places of gathering. The undulating curved surfaces move people in nonlinear directions throughout the alleyway, transporting them away from the idea of an alleyway and into an experimental torsional space.

Large Scale 3D printing will be used for construction for these articulated forms. The use of 3D printing for the project will create a one of a kind art piece that will be highly durable and sustainable in constructed. The cost efficiencies, and build time will but substantially lower due to this process. The highly fenestrated 3D printed panels will be very lightweight and easily installed on site. The panels will be attached to one another and hung from the adjacent buildings neighboring the alleyway.