Urban Terrain

Dollar & Ewers Architecture

Chris Woodcock, Logan Higgins & Brian Ewers

Knoxville, Tennessee

The Urban Terrain Alley utilizes a design aesthetic meant to evoke the natural environment surrounding the city of Chattanooga. Steel frames with wood decking are the main material of the site fixtures: seating, benches, platforms, planters, wall covering, ramp, or playground equipment. The system is widely used, non-proprietary and easy to repair to change on the needs of the public.

Functions were chosen based on the need to provide a space that can act as an amenity to the immediate surrounding buildings, and draw interest from the city of Chattanooga. Each zone responds to a desirable aspect of urban living- the ability to relax and enjoy public spaces (STAY), cultural and artistic exhibition (SEE), and a safe and inviting space for children (PLAY).