The Nest


Seth McDowell & Rychiee Espinosa

Charlottesville, Virginia

The Nest is a cube measuring 12’x 12’ x 12”. This proposal for Passageway 2.0 is precariously perched between two buildings in the alley connecting Market Street, Cherry Street and Seventh Street in the heart of Downtown Chattanooga. The cube has been sliced, creating a triangle interior space from which visitors can look up into a three-directional painting.

The Nest is constructed from timber construction debris. Small, fragments of waste lumber are collected from construction sites throughout Chattanooga, then stitched together using a three-layer lamination technique. All sides of the pavilion are fabricated in this approach that allows doe flexible construction generated from the scraps of the construction industry. Each wood fragment will be painted with a color- either Cyan, Magenta, Yellow or black- which will codify where it has come from and give it a fresh identity. This colored lumber will become the brush strokes to paint a three-dimensional painting- a map of material detourment.

The construction of The Nest will be executed as an art performance. Six teams, corresponding to the six sides of the pavilion, will work to laminate three layers of material. Each layer is organized by a grid, but the color and rhythm will be orchestrated by the team of artists. The act of construction will work like a musical jam session. Each face of Pavilion CMYK will have a unique aesthetic driven by the intuitions of the construction team. All connections will be bolted or screwed to allow for easy disassembly.

The Nest will define a space in the alley. From afar it is viewed as in object, but from within it creates an urban room. The wood structure will attach to the two adjacent buildings and span the ally to create a covered zone within the corridor. The space underneath can then be used for repose, collectivity, performance or an impromptu café.