Burcin Nalinci, Emmanuel Osorno & Jake Newsum

Los Angeles, California

Cloud-Loom is a prefabricated woven component based structure which is deployed in the passageway as a ribbon like surface to break the narrowness of the passageway into distinguished intimate spatial zones. With the inspiration of crystal growth we developed a component geometry based on a tetrahedron that can be aggregated an implied double curvature surface and fold in all direction forming dynamic enclosure as well as have the ability to transition into a groundscape of urban seating. The variation in canopy height will compress and expand user as they walk from space to space, allowing a more personal relationship with the adjacent retail vendors. The woven fibers that make up a component will allow fine patterns of shadow play within the spaces during the day. At night, a system of self-evident hanging motion sensors will trigger integrated lights to provide an interactive playground for users to bond with.