Under the Eaves

After Architecture

Katie MacDonald & Kyle Schumann

Blacksburg, Virginia

A series of roofs fill the space of the alley, channeling and coloring light from canopy to wall to floor. The resulting rooms are gathering spaces for the city, waiting to be inhabited...

In the Yellow Room, the Dustbowl Revival puts on an impromptu show, their music

filtering down the alley.

The Blue Room sets a spirited scene as neighbors meet to chat about last night’s

Titans game.

In the Orange Room, Golden Acres Farm sells citrus products, unloading fruit boxes out of a truck.

In the Brown Room, a group of children laugh as they play a game of hopscotch.

In the Red Room, the Red Cross sets up a donation station.

In the Grey Room, a yoga class assumes the eagle pose.

In the Green Room, a group of girl scouts 

 sell cookies to visitors.


Lightweight aluminum roof assemblies are secured to beams that span the alley and anchor to the walls. The canopies are spaced across the long run of the site, tying together the path with a series of implied spaces. The height of the eaves allows pedestrian and automotive circulation through the colorful spaces.