Home Street Home


Chiara Pirro, Laura Pirro & Giulio Mandrillo


Home Street Home is a new community place for the city of Chattanooga. Mixing together content, shape and esthetic of a domestic place in a public space, the “passage way” becomes a place to stay, meet people and enjoy art and culture. As a home, the place is composed by the relevant spaces where everyone feels safe and conforming: a welcome space, a kitchen, a living room, a courtyard and then a playroom. Under a pitched roof system, each room re-creates the domestic space with the most important elements of our private houses such as a piano, a welcome carpet, a sofa, ect., but in a public dimension. Intimate spaces become the perfect places at the city level for art and culture as exhibitions, books, reading, music event; but also at the local level for social activities as food sharing, amusements, neighborhood meetings, ect. Two sides of the “passage way” become the new walls of our home street home: one, as a blackboard, is a painting wall where decoration small home objects in a big scale, the other one is an equipped wall with all the furniture needed to make the space working well.