T.K. Justin NG, Josh MacDonald & David Correa

Cambridge, Ontario Canada

We envision Rollick as a great opportunity to reinvent the alleyway typology, creating a bold social condenser capable of hosting a range of activities that tie that community together, becoming a new hub for exchange and events at the heart of Chattanooga.

Rollick contains six programmatic zones, each focusing on a different aspect of the city, proving visitors with a variety of experiences. Urban furniture brings familiarity and warmth to the space, inviting pedestrians to engage with their surrounding freely, fostering an inclusive self-animated space. Rather than hiding the pipes and wires that cover the walls of the alleyway, our proposal will embrace the exposed infrastructure, creating new pipes that engage with visitors in the form of music instruments, lights and periscopes that expend the visitor’s view to the mountains beyond. Not only is our proposal interactive, intuitive, and photogenic, the simple construction will allow Chattanoogans to take part and feel a sense of ownership through community building workshops.