Pipe Organ

Pipe Organ

Margarida Quelhas, Joana Barreto & Roberta Grazioli

Oeiras, Portugal

The pipe organ, a white metal pipe’ composition, spreads along the alley as veins transporting around and light. Heart veins, marble veins, leaf veins connecting people to people, people to space.

It works as a mean of communication itself – the “talking pipes” permit conversations between each of its extremities, allowing, at the same time, to spread the inner sound towards the adjacent streets, turning the alley into a permeable yet protected space.

This piece hangs on a light metal structure fixed on the surrounding walls. Creating a ceiling that harmonizes the alley, unifying it in a place with an identity of meeting point.

It becomes alive in the dark- the “light pipes” draw the way of the veins. Through colored LED stripes, the alley is illuminated by the reflection of the light, intensity light on the walls and pipes, carefully aiming comfortable, scenic and secure lighting.

People are drawn to the pipe organ through the box, a yellow cube that works as an entrance to a special place- you see it when passing by E7th Street, you feel something different and you want to discover it. Follow the invent sentence on the floor and walls, enter and enjoy.