Mini City


Trey McMillon

Knoxville, Tennessee

Mini Citi is an exploration in scaling the most significant programmatic elements of an urban area to the confines of a singular alley. The installation acts as a miniature transit system- encouraging the movement from each area to the next through organic forms and undulating surfaces. Five major zones of the city-parks, museums, cafes, theatres and homes- create the foundation for the fabric of Chattanooga and create the leftover space that Mini Citi seeks to utilize. Each area has a distinct and spate connection to each other, as well as to each of the visitors to the site. The park or museum may become a place for quiet meditation while the café and theater cat as bustling and creative gathering spaces.

Each individual element is intended to fit on no larger than a 4’x12’ plywood sheet. The CNC milled sections are then connected together via tubing in order to create an evening spaced arrangement that is comfortable to sit, play, and work on. The nature of the design and construction method also allows for flexibility in heading toward a final design. The installation is able to bend and maneuver around the windows and other obstacles in the alleyway without sacrificing the original intent of the design.