Living Chattanooga

Gruppo Torto

Mattia Inselvini, Chiara Lippi, Claudia Consonni, Enrico Pinto, Franz Bittenbinder, Gianmario Pandozzi, Luigi Savio & Martina Bovo

Milano, Italy

Cities tend to the defined as the product of the current human behavior and yet urban spaces struggle to track it down and finetune to latest societal transformations. Public vs Private, Natural v Artificial, Political v Economical; the simple straight duality upon which urban planning is based, today sounds inadequate. Alleyways and other subclasses are other neglected voids, unfit for the black and white economy of a city. Thus, our proposal adopts the domestic as a mean to confuse the urban order. A new landscape to investigate how our new habits about sharing flexibility, are eroding the archaic necessity of diving private from public.

Quarter a house, neglect its distribution, isolate the rooms, wrap an unresolved space street around. Or, choose a street around, cut matter out of it, inject the remaining voids with domesticity. The product, an “horizontal condominium”, is a cross pollinated element that, to the spreading diffidence against public venues that affects metropolitan routines, responds with comfort. Sharing a home, regardless the exceptionally of its design, means avoid violence in favour of confrontation. We hope, as result, to activate an unused passage in Chattanooga through islands of informality, portions of soil reconfigured to host new modes of interaction.