Graffix Alley - Chattanooga, TN

Graffix Collective

Wayne Williams, Aaron Cole, Ray Padron, Jason Meyer, Strat Parrott & the artist known as Seven - Eric Finley Jr.

Chattanooga, Tennessee

This is a project created to celebrate change, optimism and multiple points of view, both visually and mentally. It is about the “yes, and…”.

Coming together as one, in as many ways as possible, is the pivotal point. To share a meal, to enjoy a performance, to dance, to celebrate, to enjoy something beautiful.

The surfaces of the space are layered in color and imagery through a collaborative art project in homage to Chattanooga’s graffiti alley. Across it all two dynamic ribbons of color wind and unwind throughout the space functioning in multiple ways, such as marking paths, changing shapes or forming gateways and surfaces for many different types of events.

The central feature of the space is a community table where people can come together to meet, discuss, or share a meal. The segments of the table shift and turn to engage other kinds of events and the movement engages a brief display of light on and in the many colored surfaces.

Reflecting, decorating, gathering and preforming are just a couple of ways to utilize this project. Parts can move, positions can change, and lights shift and illuminate the event