Gigabyte Jungle

eks - Projects

Kate McMillan & Edward Wang

Houston, Texas

In recent years, the industrial town of Chattanooga has reinvented itself as a technological mecca. Among what was once miles of railway lines and steel factories, you’ll now find a highly unique “collision space”- a densely-populated Innovation District where new ideas flow from one building to another. Talent thrives through sheer exposure, and successes presciently spring from failure’s ashes. Gigabyte Jungle is an ode to this innovative renaissance and the unfettered energy behind it. Just as the Innovation District has risen from the ashes of industrial decline, so has the rugged alleyway sprung into life in the form of glassy bulbs, mysterious flowers, and alien tentacles of light. Strange new species of floral are grown from materials “local” to the region: bundles of fiber optics cables and pools of polymer rubber to name just a few. Blue, synthetic gardens spill out of the three entrances into the main alley, inviting pedestrians in from East 7th Street, Marker Street and the existing insulation off of Cheery Street. Inside, the space becomes both a tactical and visual experience-a new “collision space” where visitors can seek out plants from an outline guide, touch the various textures created bu a range of materials, or simple stroll through a beautiful blue burst of garden. Gigabyte Jungle is a reminder that innovation’s roots can pierce through even the thickest brick walls.

Plant a few seeds, and an unexpected garden may grow.