City Thread - Syracuse, NY


Molly Hunker & Greg Corso

Syracuse, New York

City Thread creates a space that builds upon the legacy of Chattanooga and the character of downtown by extending the attitude of adventure and exploration that the “Scenic City” is known for and bring a sense of discovery and stimulation to this unused downtown space. Given the immediate context of downtown- a growing community of innovators- the projects is a social connector where the different actors of the city can enhance urban life, our project is intended to operate as a piece of artistic infrastructure rather than simply a work of art.

Consisting of a continuous linear volume constructed from a series of larger, simple steel tubes, the project physically connects visitors with a single gesture while also projecting a multitude of dynamic conditions. By virtue of its geometry and formal manifestation, the project possesses many potential conditions including lounging/sitting, mini-stages, framing community murals or art, large gatherings, farmers markets, and movie screenings, among others. The design is intended to allow both users and those in charge of programming activities to interpret the project and discover different ways to utilize the alley. In so doing, this art-as-urban-infrastructure can be used widely by a diverse range of users over the years in Chattanooga, maintaining the alley as a vibrantly activated space as needs change. Given the nature of a simple formal vocabulary, the project is adaptable to a number of conditions and can be calibrated specifically to the site conditions in the next phase.