Alley Arch

KNE studio

Kevin Erickson

New York, New York

The arch as a singular form is a focal point/destination, when arrayed they create an urban space that can be moved through, occupied and inhabited. Alley Arch is a series of arch’s, acting as nodes, each with different programmed functions, distributed throughout the 700-block alleyway, designed to create a unique identity and experience that promotes community gathering and public engagement.

The arch’s creative visual interest and continuity though their shape and placement. Each employs the same construction methodology and exterior cladding. Their shape and propotion vary to create variety of programs and uses. The exterior of each arch is cladded with black, zinc panels over a steel tube structural frame. The underside of each arch is lined with local reclaimed wood, arranged in a tactical experience as people move through and under the arches. Their shapes differ, creating various proportional relationships that effect how people move through and around arches.